Blade and Soul China: VIP Membership Details Revealed!

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This article is original from Aspenach's blog. Thanks a lot!

Woot! Finally an extensive explanation of the Blade and Soul VIP Membership. Previously this VIP system was sloppily introduced during the 3rd CBT with no clear indication or benefits what the Membership would do for the players other than bleeding our hard earned money. Below are the translations from the official website.


1) Membership Level

After the scheduled maintenance today, Membership level will be implemented. Membership level comes with benefits, the higher the level the more benefits you reap. The Membership Level increases in a similar fashion just like how we level our in-game character. You need to gain Membership experience to level up to the next level, so on and so forth. (Smells fishy, but lets hope there will not be any distinct advantages)


2) How to gain experience for your Membership?

Currently there are only 2 ways to gain Membership experience.

1: When you purchase the Membership, you automatically receives a set amount of exp.

2: After you are a member, you will receive exp on a daily basis. (You do not need to be online everyday to receive the exp.)


3) Advantages of Leveling your Membership

As you gain levels in your membership, you are entitled to more goodies.

- Colour change in your displayed name

- Increases your buff during combat

- Reduce the time require to restore your hp, when in a reviving pose

Other benefits can be explored in game.

P.S You will not receive a benefit for every Membership level you gained. You will only received it at certain levels.


Other Advantages of having a VIP Membership.

i) In addition to the Membership

- You will be given priority when it comes to queuing to enter the game.

- There will be a gift bag waiting for you at the Cash Shop every day

- Other benefits, not listed yet


ii) Renewal of VIP Membership

The option to renew your VIP Membership for another 30 days. You will also have special animation/skill when using 轻功 (Qing Gong)

P.S More benefits will follow suit, this is just one of the benefits for now.


iii) Exclusive Member Page in Cash Shop

Special items only available to Members, including exclusive costumes and other goodies.


What happens when you purchase a Membership?

i) Purchases take immediate effect and is applies throughout your account. (All alternate toons will also benefit)


ii) Member Page added to Player Window (Press "P")

Member Page details include:

- Member's current level

- Member's privileges

- Membership duration


FAQ Time!

1. What is the highest level for a VIP Membership?

Currently it is set at Level 10. Once you reach level 10 you will stop gaining Member's EXP.


2. Do I get benefits for every level throughout the membership?

No, we will only issue additional benefits at certain membership levels , like 1-4 and 5-7.


3. Are there any ways to receive member's exp?

Nope, there are only 2 ways to obtain exp as discussed above.


4. I can only receive one gift bag everyday?

Yes you can only receive one gift bag regardless of the amount of characters you have.


5. What can i get from these gift bags?

You will receive items that is within the cash shop, like rare costumes, exp potions and such.


6. Only Members can purchase the Renewal pass for the VIP Membership?

Yes, members only and once you purchase the renewal pass,  a set amount of exp will be given to your account.


7. Is there a limit to how many items i can buy from the members page in the cash shop?

There is no limit as to how many times you can purchase a single item, however the gifting function is omitted. This page will be updated periodically to provide players with useful and exciting items.


With so much goodies, its like dangling a gianormous (yes its a stolen word from a game guru) carrot in front of the players! Well, Tencent sure has the intention of milking the players dry before the Chinese Lunar New Year. I for one would love the priority queue and the exclusive costumes. From what I see, this VIP Membership is very much similar to other Chinese games I have played. A lot of minor perks and presents to make you feel privilege to be a member. Having said that, I believe that there will not be any game breaking advantages that will affect your combat experience. After the scheduled maintenance, I will grab myself a VIP Membership and post up those membership benefits in more detail. =)

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