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I have received a number of messages asking me how to register a Blade and Soul Account in China. Therefore, I have decided to revive this post from my earlier post in the forum. Do not worry, there is no ip block or is it difficult to register as most of the information and forms are in English or can be translated via Google Translate. Below are the steps...


Below is a video that show you how to register for your Tencent Blade and Soul Account.




1. Go to the official QQ registration page (English) -

You can register your QQ account here, the instructions are in English so its pretty convenient for foreign players like myself. After successfully registering an account, you will receive a QQ number. This QQ number is unique to you and you will be using this to login your Blade and Soul Game Account.

2. Downloading the Game Client -

Proceed over to the Game Client downloading page and select the second option to download the game downloader.

Click on the green button to start downloading.

Before you install the game, please change your system locale to "Simplified PRC Chinese" as it is required to install the game. Failure to do so might result in an error in installation.


3. You might not wanna install it now as the Game Booster trial starts once you install and register for an account.

Installing the Game Booster - Xunyou 迅游

I would highly recommend that foreign players like myself who is playing outside of China download this Game Booster. So why this Game Booster instead of WTFast or other similar boosters? Xunyou is the official game booster partner of Tencent for China Blade and Soul. So far Xunyou has been giving me better ping compared to the rest of the Game Boosters and previously Xunyou has released an official Game Booster with a user interface design exclusively for Blade and Soul. The booster starts with a free trial of 5 days and subsequently can be maintained for a small fee.

Select the Game you wish to boost and click activate.

You can choose to install the game prior so you just need to patch once CBT/OBT is announced. The Xunyou is a great game booster not only for Blade and Soul China but for other China games as well so it is definitely worth checking out if you haven't.

I will be updating this guide whenever I find new issues and problems to address. Cheers...

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