The 2.0 New User Interface (UI) for Blade And Soul China

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Dear fans of BNS, as of 7th of August, Blade and Soul China has officially announced the NEW User Interface (UI) for Blade and Soul China. This is the exact new UI that just got patched into the Korean server several months ago.

A brand new, enhanced version of the UI aims to simplify the game processes, improve user-friendliness, thus giving the players a better overall gaming experience in Blade and Soul.


1. Simple Layout

The Equipment window and the Inventory window has now been merged. Players will no longer be required to open 2 windows to equip their gears. The combat statistics portion has been replaced by the inventory slots.


Combat information will be revamped to a much smaller window that shows all the statistics.


2. Beauty and Functionality

The NPC Buy/Sell/Exchange Window has been re-designed to a long rectangular window, displaying all the items available in a vertical order. Players can now scroll through the items (using the mouse scroll) without having the need to check various pages to see what are the items available.

The image of the item has also been enlarged for ease of viewing.


3. Details in every way

The players' currency (gold, silver and copper) and beans (PVP currency) will be displayed right beside his/her name. This saves the player time of opening the inventory window to keep track of how much gold they have left. This is a subliminal effort to keep players glued to the action instead of minor matters.


Skill buttons have also been slightly enhanced to make it look better.


When a player receives a mission scroll (side quests or Qinggong quests) they will hear the voice of the NPC that the quest belongs to, along with a picture of the NPC.


There are more advanced design concepts that will be applied to the new User Interface, we will provide more screen shots and explanations in the coming updates.


To check out how the former system looks like, you can check out my other blog here

I think this is a great update just in time before OBT. The old interface is overly complicated and it can be overwhelming when it comes to navigating what you actually need to do. A lot of stuff has been done right in this 2.0 version of the UI, making it more easy on the eyes and finding information you need in a jiffy. I especially dig the NPC portraits that showed up whenever you received a mission scroll. Formerly, I had to scan through the "seas" of NPC to try and identify which quest belongs to which NPC. Some quests just doesn't have clearly indicated arrows. T_T

I like what I see so far and I appreciate Tencent keeping this game updated to a closer version of the Korean server. Looking forward to more updates soon~

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