Blade and Soul Race - JIN

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Although bearing ordinary looks, the Jin folks are a special group of humans in possession of an incarnate body and a pure spirit. The Jin normally has an outstanding skeleton and a more dynamic brain that is good at comprehension. Different from the other races, the Jin people can usually develop a multitude of abilities.

As fulfilling their name Jin, which indicates trying the best, this people will make full use of everything within their reach to complete any task they have accepted. They will never give up till the end.

JIN - Race

Some will, at first glance, take the Jin people as a perfect embodiment of wisdom and struggle. Having integrated such morality and ability, they will master the highest level of Kung-fu and knowledge much faster than any other human. Most of the famous Kung-fu masters and outstanding geniuses are from this race. They are open, optimistic and strongly inclined to justice.  Therefore, most of them are living as knight-errands who help others dealing with hardships and miseries. However, some of them have not fully learnt their own abilities. These Jins, not in a few, are spending their life in the human world as criminals.

JIN - Race


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